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TENA Light Pads provide moderate absorption whilst remaining remarkably discreet. Soft, cushiony side-gathers conform to your body for a better fit and extra security. TENA Pads have DryLayer Plus™ and a Superabsorbent System that locks liquid into a gel that helps prevent leaks and odors. If you feel you need protection for moderate but frequent urine loss, TENA light absorbency pads could be the pad for you. Pads are also conveniently folded and wrapped and are latex free.

Nurse's Notes

Because everyone has different needs, the TENA range is available in various absorbencies and sizes. Tena has pads that are smaller than regular sanitary pads but provide greater protection for bladder weakness. The differences between using regular sanitary pads and Tena are that
Tena pads (when used for bladder weakness) can feel wet, can lose shape, need to be changed more often and odors can develop
Tena pads feel dry because of a special top layer, maintain its shape, needs to be changed less frequently and have odor fighting properties to help stop odors before they start

TENA Discreet Disposable Pads (Case)
Light Pads with Light Absorption, CASE of 144 Pads
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