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Male Urinal - Spill Proof

This unique urinal has an innovative anti-reflux system and will not spill its contents, even if rolled completely over. The URSEC incorporates the best features of traditional urinals and solves the problem of accidental spills. Made from sturdy plastic the URSEC has a wide stable base making it easy to position for use. The large ergonomic handle hangs conveniently on bed rails and is easy to hold and manipulate. All edges and openings are smooth to ensure patient comfort and ease of cleaning. Simple to use even in the dark, the URSEC holds a large capacity of liquid. Contents can be quickly and hygienically emptied using the screw-on MTQuick cap at the back of the unit. Volume measurements marked in raised graduations on the side of the container. Lightweight, made of strong, shock-resistant plastic.

Nurse's NotesAvoid accidental urine spills with this new product. When confined to bed or a chair and getting up and down to the bathroom is difficult then having one of these handy is a good idea. Especially if your loved one is prone to falling at night when getting up, keep a urinal at the bedside.Cleaning is simple, just unscrew the anti-reflux funnel and suggest rinsing container with soap and water, or a good disinfectant.

Male Urinal - Spill Proof
Holds Capacity of 1 liter (32oz)
Prod: PIURSEC-Ea Manf: Providence Spillproof Container Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $38.99

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