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Acrylic WheelChair Tray Acrylic WheelChair Tray
ChairPack CarryOn WheelChair Pouch ChairPack CarryOn WheelChair Pouch
Heelbo Chair Belt Heelbo Chair Belt
IV Pole for Wheelchair IV Pole for Wheelchair
Rear Anti-Tipper with Rollers Rear Anti-Tipper with Rollers
Slip-on Brake Lever Extender Slip-on Brake Lever Extender
Universal Tote CarryON Universal Tote CarryON
WheelChair Hugger Laptop Cushion/Positioner WheelChair Hugger Laptop Cushion/Positioner

Nurse's Notes

Acrylic WheelChair Tray:
  • Convenient and very practical for use by those confined to wheelchairs. Not bulky and good for travel purposes.

    ChairPack CarryOn WheelChair Pouch:
  • This pouch is essential for travel needs, and for general everyday use as well. Those confined to wheelchairs and their caregivers know that one less thing to carry and remember is always welcome.

    Heelbo Chair Belt:
  • Having to restrain a loved one is never an easy decision but sometimes you may be advised to do this when his or her safety becomes an issue. This is a comfortable and very simple method that probably serves more as a reminder then physical restraint as the patient can self release when desired. Helps one from uncomfortable slumping when confined to a chair for long periods of time also

    IV Pole for Wheelchair:
  • When need to be on the move while requiring IV fluids or meds this IV pole will be handy to have.

    Rear Anti-Tipper with Rollers:
  • Rear Anti-Tippers prevent a wheelchair from tipping backwards and is a valuable safety feature to add to any wheelchair.