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Intensive moisture therapy nourishes skin and penetrating heat soothes aching joints, relaxes stiff muscles, relieves work-weary hands, and eases arthritis and tendonitis pain. Larger, full-sized inner tank, compact outer tank accommodates hands, feet, and elbows yet fits on a countertop. Built-in handles for portability. Worry-free, automatic thermostat maintains medically prescribed temperature eliminating risk of exposure to extreme heat. Surfaces remain cool to touch and extra insulation results in energy efficiency permitting 24 hour operation. Includes 6 lbs. of triple filtered therapeutic paraffin. CETL listed. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.

Nurse's Notes

Paraffin wax has a very high heat capacity, meaning it is able to absorb and retain a great amount of heat. The Therabath takes advantage of paraffin's heat-retaining capacity in a simple process called "heat transfer." Very simply, the heat that goes into melting the paraffin is released when it solidifies thus transferring the heat deep into the affected joint or area. Each dip in a Therabath delivers a layer of fast-acting heat therapy.

Therabath Paraffin Therapy Bath
Includes 6 lbs of UNScented Theraffin Wax
Prod: WR2320-EA Manf: WR Medical Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $199.97

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