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ShowerShield Reusable Rubber Collar ShowerShield Reusable Rubber Collar
StomaShield Disposable Covers StomaShield Disposable Covers
StomaShield Laryngectomy Covers StomaShield Laryngectomy Covers

Nurse's Notes

ShowerShield Reusable Rubber Collar:
  • Use is recommended for showers but not for swimming

    StomaShield Disposable Covers:
  • How to Use the StomaShield per manufacturer:
    Make sure the area around stoma is clear and dry.
    Peel paper backing from adhesive band.
    Locate StomaShield over stoma with adhesive band toward top and slightly above stoma. Press adhesive band to neck, making sure StomaShield is firmly attached.
    Replace StomaShield daily. When removing the StomaShield, pull gently away from neck.
    Important Notes
    If StomaShield is too large or does not conform exactly to your neck shape, simply trim with scissors until proper fit is obtained.
    Do not attempt to shift the position of the StomaShield once you have attached it to the neck as it will not adhere properly a second time.
    When showering, remove the StomaShield and use the stoma protective device you normally use.
    If you expel mucus, simply raise the lower edge of the StomaShield to wipe it away.