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Reusable, washable protective pads made for people incontinence needs can be used equally as effective for pets. They work well to protect floors, carpets, dog beds, and car seats for incontinent dogs and stay at home dogs as well as puppy training. Although originally designed and intended for use by people to protect bed linens and furniture they work very well for aging pet's needs. Customers report using these people protection pads for their incontinent dogs rather than other specifically designed pet protection pads due to notable higher quality and huge savings. They will quickly absorb liquid without soaking through, protecting carpets and floors. Four layers of protection with quilted cotton/polyester surface, absorbent inner layer and waterproof backing. Machine washable and dryable.

Nurse's Notes

Using these people pads rather then expensive pet product counterparts work great for their incontinent older dogs. Multiple uses reported from using in the car, doggie beds, and especially on the floor where accidents are likely to occur. Compare prices for these reusable pads versus pet pads and you will notice a huge savings. You can also use them under disposable pads for extra protection on furniture and carpets.

Re-usable Protective Pads for Pets
Size: 36'' x 54''
Prod: ZRUP3654R--EA Manf: Reliamed Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $19.99

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