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Nurse's Notes

Elbow Protector:
  • The key to preventing bedsores or prevent them from worsening is to eliminate source of pressure. Heels and elbows are very common locations for bedsores to develop. Protectors such as these will help reduce pressure. TIP: Roll a towel under heels to keep them off the bed and eliminate all pressure if possible. If pressure sores have already developed, consider consulting physician about treating with Duoderm dressings as they promote healing and will stay intact on difficult areas like heels and elbows.

    Foot Pillows:
  • Our nurses all-time favorite foot pads to reduce pressure and prevent or help healing of pressure sores on heels and other parts of foot. The key to preventing bedsores or avoiding the risk of further deterioration, is to eliminate the source of pressure. These soft cushiony foot pillows will serve that purpose well. When your loved one is confined to bed for extended periods of time, simply allowing the heels to rest on bed can cause skin breakdown to heels and ankles. Other folks confined to chairs can have pressure sores develop on the soles of their feet.

    Heel Float:
  • A new and innovative product designed to prevent heel pressure sores and relieve further pressure when treating skin breakdown.