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Disposable Measuring Guide Disposable Measuring Guide
Iris Scissors Iris Scissors
Kelly Hemostatic Forceps Kelly Hemostatic Forceps
Lister Bandage Scissors Lister Bandage Scissors

Nurse's Notes

Disposable Measuring Guide:
  • Nurses and family caregivers alike can keep these on hand to monitor wound progress by measuring size frequently.

    Iris Scissors:
  • Handy medical scissors for cutting dressings, gauze, tape, and curved ones are especially good for cutting duoderm and ostomy wafers.

    Kelly Hemostatic Forceps:
  • A handy instrument for clamping tubes and catheters when advised by physician. Also useful for removing wound packings and soiled dressings.

    Lister Bandage Scissors:
  • This type of scissors makes removing dressings much easier and safer with blunted curved edge. Don't risk cutting your patient's skin accidentally by using some other type of scissors you might find around the house.