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Care Guard Gel/Foam Mattress Overlay Care Guard Gel/Foam Mattress Overlay
Convoluted Eggcrate Foam Mattress Pad Convoluted Eggcrate Foam Mattress Pad
Memory Foam Mattress Overlay Memory Foam Mattress Overlay
Prodigy Mattress Overlay Prodigy Mattress Overlay
Standard Genuine Sheepskin Pad Standard Genuine Sheepskin Pad

Nurse's Notes

Care Guard Gel/Foam Mattress Overlay:
  • This gel foam mattress overlay is designed to be placed overtop an existing mattress. The overlays are both easy to use and maintain. Mattress overlays are effective devices for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. These Invacare products offer you comfortable, effective pressure relief.

    Convoluted Eggcrate Foam Mattress Pad:
  • Convoluted Foam Mattress Bed Toppers have been around for many years used in hospitals and long term care facilities alike, however they are one of most unrecognized, under-utilized and cost effective products for in-home use. These multifunctional creations are known by many health professionals as egg crate pads due to their bumpy nature that resembles an egg crate and are placed facing upwards on the bed. While originally designed to alleviate pressure for bed bound patients, various other folks can equally benefit from the pressure reduction that they offer. Egg crate pads can be a welcome addition when your loved ones are confined to a home hospital bed or simply in need of improving comfort of their existing bed. These convoluted toppers can serve to revitalize an old worn mattress or enhance a newer one that is too firm or too thin. Pressure reduction is vital to your loved ones who are vulnerable to skin breakdown and bed sores. Using these pads should not be overlooked as another strategic method to lower risk for developing pressure sores. Memory foam pads and alternating air pressure mattresses have grown in popularity and while highly effective for pressure relief, they come with a bigger price tag. Disposing less expensive convoluted bed pads when soiled and developing odors from incontinence or simply general use is advantageous whereas it’s much harder to toss out more costly counterparts. Most folks can expect to gain a few years of comfort from convoluted mattress bed toppers before needing to replace them. Prior to retiring your egg crate bed pad consider cutting it to fit your loved one’s wheelchair or favorite recliner to improve weight distribution and aid pressure relief while sitting. Upgrading poorly supportive bunk, cot, and trundle beds and even RV and boat beds are yet another useful application for these mattress toppers. Lastly don’t surrender your egg crate pad to the trash bin before pondering whether your kids would enjoy them at sleepovers or add to your family’s pleasure on camping trips.

    Memory Foam Mattress Overlay:
  • Magnetic Mattress Pads have recently grown in popularity as a result of relieving many symptoms, including back pain, fatigue, insomnia,neckaches, headaches, knee pain, foot pain, and many other forms of discomfort, and appear to promote general well-being and high energy levels simply due to getting a good night's rest.

    Prodigy Mattress Overlay:
  • Prevention of bed sores or pressure sores must be a big priority because treating them after they have developed can be uncomfortable, difficult, and time consuming. Slow healing is likely as well as possible complications of infection. Whenever possible eliminate the sources of pressure and remember to turn or reposition your loved ones frequently.

    Standard Genuine Sheepskin Pad:
  • Best results are obtained when the patient is placed directly on the wool of the sheepskin with no other textile material intervening. A long-time favorite choice of many caregivers for providing great comfort to their loved ones confined to bed as well as pressure relief.