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Gel-Care Scar Treatment Gel-Care Scar Treatment
Self-adherent Silicone Dressing for Scar Care Self-adherent Silicone Dressing for Scar Care
Triderma Scar Block Triderma Scar Block

Nurse's Notes

Gel-Care Scar Treatment:
  • The life of the product is affected by the care and use of the product, the type of product, the activity level of the individual and the fit of the product. It is recommended that you hand wash this product with mild soap and water and then rinse thoroughly. To dry product, you first use a piece of cloth to pat dry product then lay flat to air dry. After product is completely dry, lightly dust gel with talcum powder.

    Self-adherent Silicone Dressing for Scar Care:
  • How to use Mepiform
    1. Open the packaging and remove the dressing. If required, cut to appropriate size allowing at least 1 cm overlap of the scar area. >br> 2. Before applying Mepiform make sure the scar area and surrounding skin are clean and dry. If used together with ointment or cream, ensure that the dressing covers the treated area and adheres to dry skin.
    3. Remove the protective film and apply Mepiform over the scar or newly closed wound. Avoid stretching when applying over joints.
    4. Remove the dressing at least once per day for inspection and washing of the skin. The dressing can then be reapplied.
    5. Mepiform should, under normal conditions, be changed every 3-7 day or when the dressing no longer sticks in place. The dressing is waterproof and can be worn while bathing and showering.

    Triderma Scar Block:
  • In some situations this gel type of scar relief product is easier to use than silicone patches and practical to use on hands with cracks and small cuts.