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50519921EA-EA Prod ID: 50519921EA-EA

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Thinner, semi-occlusive dressing with flexible backing maintains a moist wound environment, optimal for wound healing. Manages minimal exudate in shallow wounds and protects skin from friction injury. Includes disposable wound measuring guide. Sterile.

Product Benefits:

Care giver can assess the wound without removing the dressing--because the dressing is translucent

Reduces chance of skin tears due to friction on high risk skin sites due to its smooth surface and conformability.

Cost effective; dressing can be used as a primary dressing where there is minimal exudate or secondary dressing.

Restore Hydrocolloid Dressings
EXTRA THIN: 4in. x 4in.(10cm x 10cm)
Prod: 50519921EA-EA Manf: Hollister Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $3.99

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