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Convatec's DuoDerm Control Gel Formula Dressing maintains a moist wound environment for optimal healing. The skin contact layer contains a unique hydrocolloid formulation. This popular dressing is used for the treatment of lightly to moderately draining pressure sores and wounds. It is indicated for use on partial and full-thickness wounds. DuoDerm dressing absorbs wound fluid and aids in the removal of unnecessary material from the wound without damaging new tissue. Skin-Prep is recommended to increase adhesion and reduce removal trauma. DuoDerm CGF dressings are versatile can be easily molded into place to enhance patient comfort and minimize leakage. DuoDerm CGF dressings consist of a highly flexible, polyurethane outer foam layer and an adhesive skin contact layer that contains a unique hydrocolloid composition. DuoDerm CGF dressings may be used on the following wounds. For Over the Counter Use, DuoDerm may be used for: - minor abrasions
- lacerations
- minor cuts
- minor scalds and burns
- skin tears Under the supervision of a healthcare professional, DuoDerm may be used for: - leg ulcers
-diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers (partial and full thickness)
- surgical wounds (post-operative, donor sites, dermatological excisions)
- burns (first and second degree) - traumatic wounds

Nurse's Notes

This is the basic Duoderm dressing with no special features. A long-time favorite of home health nurses for treating pressure sores especially effective on sacral coccyx area above buttocks, elbows and heels. TIP: Apply Skin-Prep first to area where duoderm is to be applied, allow it to dry, and apply duoderm dressing or patch. Duoderm will definitely stay in place longer and skin will be protected when removed. DuoDERM CGF (control gel formula) Border dressings interact with wound exudate to produce a soft gel mass that enables removal of the dressing with minimal damage to newly formed granulating tissues. DuoDERM CGF dressing’s unique hydrocolloid composition provides an optimal moist wound environment that is supportive of the wound-healing process, and protects the wound by creating a bacterial and viral barrier while the dressing remains intact. DuoDERM CGF dressing can remain in place for a up to 7 days.

Duoderm Dressing (Box-20)
Control Gel Formula, Pack of 20, 4'' x 4'' ea.
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