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55CHH448S-CS24 Prod ID: 55CHH448S-CS24

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For multipurpose wound-care applications such as cleaning, scrubbing, dressing, prepping, and packing. Increase patient comfort with worry-free 100% pure white cotton. These sterile guaze sponges feature folded edges to help reduce loose threads and unraveling.

Nurse's Notes

Economical sterile dressings for multiple uses including basic wound care coverings, cleansing, and absorption aides. Used for wet to dry dressing changes when soaked with saline. Practical to have on hand for general first-aid care. Professional use for all appropriate application.

Gauze Sponges Sterile (Case)
Case of 24 Boxes of 25 (Total 600 sponges). Size 4'' x 4'' with 8-Ply Thickness.
Prod: 55CHH448S-CS24 Manf: Cardinal Health Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $39.99

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