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881561H-PK5 Prod ID: 881561H-PK5

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Self-adhering foam designed to distribute body weight to help prevent skin breakdown and pressure ulcers, and to prevent skin damage from splints, casts and prostheses. Self-adheres to casts, appliances and equipment. Removes easily. Conformable to protect against abrasions, shearing and pressure. Recommend not applying directly on skin as can cause adhesive irritation but works well over dressings.

Nurse's Notes

Relieves pressure on especially difficult areas where at high risk for skin breakdown. On fragile skin it can cause adhesive irritation and find it works better and is safer to apply over a dressing or other protective device.

Reston Self-Adhering Foam (Pack-5)
Pack of 5. Size 1'' x 7(1/8)'' x 11(3/4)''
Prod: 881561H-PK5 Manf: 3M Healthcare Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $26.97

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