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A sterile, waterproof, thin, clear film dressing. Transparent Dressings consist of a thin film backing with an adhesive that gently, yet securely, adheres to skin. Transparent dressing allows you to easily monitor wounds and I.V.s without the need to change dressings. Versatile product allows you to standardize one product for many applications. Dressing conforms to the body for easier application and longer wear time for cost-effective use. Unique picture-frame style is easy to apply, allowing for one-handed application and less dressing waste. Breathable film allows for exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen while providing a moist wound environment for enhanced healing. Sterile, waterproof dressing provides a barrier to outside contaminants while allowing the patient to shower. It is designed to be applied over clean skin or wounds and IV devices. It provides a breathable bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants while the dressings remain intact without leakage.

Nurse's Notes

Because they are waterproof they may be used on blisters, superficial wounds or wounds with light drainage. They are especially good for monitoring wound progress without removal of dressing as can easily see through it.

Tegaderm Transparent Dressing (Box-10)
Box of 10: Size 4'' x 4.75'' (10 x 12 cm)
Prod: 889506W-BX10 Manf: 3M Healthcare Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $19.99

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