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DX4410-BX50 Prod ID: DX4410-BX50

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For use in minor surgical or therapeutic procedures where a sterile field or drape is required Poly-interlined, three ply construction - tissue/poly/tissue - provides absorbency while preventing possible moisture or bacteria migration Eliminates all labor costs associated with cloth towels or drapes

Nurse's NotesProvides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal barrier but still gentle to skin. Protects against yeast infections that cause skin rashes, inflammation and skin breakdown.

Disposable Towel Drape (Box-50)
Box of 50 Sterile Drapes, Plain, Size: 18'' x 26''
Prod: DX4410-BX50 Manf: Dynarex Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $21.99

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