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GL1000WP-EA Prod ID: GL1000WP-EA

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Developed by Western Medical for protection of fragile skin, rips, tears, lacerations and abrasions. Covers the arm from the base of the fingers to above the elbow, leaving thumb free. Padded to help minimize damage from bumps and scrapes. Knitted tubular sleeves made of cotton and lycra for softness and stretch. Comfortable, soft to the touch; permits snug fit with full freedom of movement. Wicking action removes excess moisture from the skin. White, latex free.

Nurse's Notes

These arm protectors are most practical for those with fragile skin that can tear so easily with minimal trauma. These scrapes, tears and wounds that can occur can take unusually long to heal so prevention is the key.

Glen-Sleeve II Arm Protector
Color: White. One Pair Size-13 1/2'' x 3''
Prod: GL1000WP-EA Manf: Western Medical Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $24.99

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