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Elbow Protector

Helps prevent pressure sores.
Contour design fits elbow. Adjustable hook and loop strap for a custom fit.
-100% polyester -Hand washable -One size fits most -One pair

Nurse's NotesThe key to preventing bedsores or prevent them from worsening is to eliminate source of pressure. Heels and elbows are very common locations for bedsores to develop. Protectors such as these will help reduce pressure. TIP: Roll a towel under heels to keep them off the bed and eliminate all pressure if possible. If pressure sores have already developed, consider consulting physician about treating with Duoderm dressings as they promote healing and will stay intact on difficult areas like heels and elbows.

Elbow Protector (Pack-2)
ELBOW One size fits most. Package with 2 Protectors
Prod: 648075-PK2 Manf: Briggs Healthcare Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $11.99

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