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Gel-Care Scar Treatment

Gel-Care™ Self-Adhesive Gel Sheets help new scars heal better and make old scars less noticeable. These Dermatologist Tested, hypoallergenic sheets, latex free slowly release medical grade mineral oil to moisturize, soften and improve the elasticity of your skin. Old scars will appear less noticeable, and, when used on scars that are still healing ( after surgery or injury ), they can help make a significant, permanent improvement in the final appearance of the scar by softening, smoothing and flattening the scar. The gentle cushioning of the gel will help you feel more comfortable as you heal as it relieves the painful itching and burning sensations common with scarring. This product is silicone-free. The difference between the two is that the Silipos gel is softer and more fluid-like than silicone. The gel sheet, as it is in direct contact with the skin, also diffuses mineral oil that conditions and provides a nourishing environment to the skin. May be cut to a desired shape. Washable and reusable

Nurse's Notes

The life of the product is affected by the care and use of the product, the type of product, the activity level of the individual and the fit of the product. It is recommended that you hand wash this product with mild soap and water and then rinse thoroughly. To dry product, you first use a piece of cloth to pat dry product then lay flat to air dry. After product is completely dry, lightly dust gel with talcum powder.

Gel-Care Scar Treatment
4 X 4'' Sheeting
Prod: SI760-EA Manf: Silipos Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $22.99

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