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SAF-Gel Hydrating Dermal Wound Dressing

SAF-Gel® is a Hydrating Dermal Wound Dressing with alginate. SAF-Gel® provides an optimal moist wound-healing environment and aids in autolytic debridement. It is easy to apply and is conveniently packaged in a multiple-use tube.SAF-Gel® Hydrating Dermal Wound Dressing provides a moist environment that hydrates dry or necrotic tissue and reduces wound dead space. SAF-Gel® is a primary dressing indicated for use on:
· Dry wounds with or without depth to create a moist wound environment
· Pressure ulcers (Stages I – V)
· Venous ulcers
· Second degree burns
· Cuts, abrasions and skin tears.

Nurse's Notes

Wounds heal faster, with less pain and less scarring, in a moist environment. Advanced wound dressings work by hydration (adding moisture to the wound bed) or by absorption (absorbing drainage, thereby keeping the wound bed moist). When selecting a primary dressing, keep in mind it may need a secondary dressing to contain the dressing and secure it in place. The following dressing categories usually require a secondary dressing: Calcium Alginates Hydrogels (SAF-GEL) Foams Pastes Collagens

SAF-Gel Hydrating Dermal Wound Dressing
3 Oz Tube
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