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Septi-Soft Concentrate

A mild, all-over skin cleanser made by Convatec with natural emollients to soften and condition the skin and scalp. Features a no-rinse dilution, making it an ideal product for no-rinse bed bathing and shampooing. Contains essential fatty acids (EFAs), which have been shown to improve skin hydration.

Nurse's NotesMade especially for use in the genital and diaper area for general cleanup purposes and for incontinence.

Septi-Soft Concentrate
8 Oz Bottle
Prod: 51325309-EA Manf: ConvaTec Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $3.99

Septi-Soft Concentrate (Case)
Case of 48- 8 Oz Bottles
Prod: 51325309-CS Manf: ConvaTec Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $169.99

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