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Uni Derm Moisturizer

View Large Image Uni Derm's emollient conditions and moisturizes dry, scaling and cracking skin. Moisturizes and conditions dry skin. Water-based. Quickly vanishes into the skin Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Non-toxic. PH-balanced. Non-greasy body cream. For perineal and all-over body use. 12.99. Discontinued.

Nurse's NotesUse UniDerm as often as required to moisturize very dry and scaly skin as well as protect it from moisture in certain areas. Apply liberally as needed. A popular product used by many home care nurses.

Uni Derm Moisturizer Uni Derm Moisturizer (Case)
Case of 24-3 oz Tubes
Prod: UNS443500-CS24 Manf: Smith and Nephew Stock/Returns: Special-Order
Price: $169.99

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