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Finding quality employees is a time consuming and ultimately expensive endeavor. An employment advertisement attached to your listing here is a cost effective addition to other forms of advertising that could produce significant results.

The fact that we currently have 0 resumes posted in our Employment Section demonstrates a huge interest in our site by healthcare workers seeking employment. This is your opportunity to tap into this substantial source of applicants seeking healthcare positions across the USA as well as potential applicants browsing our Long-Term Care, Home Care and Employment sections.

An employment ad has several advantages:

    Find New Customers and Employees: Allows you to cross-promote your company by creating a link between finding customers (featured listing) and finding employees (employment openings).

    Employment Section Advertisement: You will have a featured listing in our Employment Section under "CAREGIVERS / PROFESSIONALS Seeking Jobs" with a full web page including a description of your company, current openings, shifts and salaries (optional). Sample

    Highlighted Jobs Icon: Your listing gets a highlighted ACTIVE Jobs icon versus a grayed-out inactive icon which directs potential employees to your employment listing. Sample

    New Resumes Emailed Automatically: Employment advertisers will be automatically sent an email with each new Resume Posting that matches your Market Area, Employment Type and Positions Open. Contact prospective employees before they get hired elsewhere!

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