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Long Term Care

The aging of America together with extended life expectancy is resulting in an unprecedented demand for long term care housing and services.

Numerous possibilities are available to our aging population that fall between Home Care and going to a Nursing Home due to the demands for alternative lifestyles that are conducive to meeting the needs and personal preferences of "senior citizens" throughout the aging process.

Meeting personal needs such as comfort, security, social opportunities, and health care persuades many seniors to opt for relocating versus aging at home. The move to Assisted Living as the long term care option of choice is becoming increasingly more common. Along with Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes, another main category of long term care housing is Retirement Homes.

Although several combinations of the different care options exist today (ie: companies offering home care combined with assisted living), for simplicity, our focus is upon what we believe are the most common and basic Types of Long Term Care options available. We hope the information contained in this section will serve to expand your knowledge and understanding of the basic forms of senior retirement and care options available today.

Try stepping through our Senior Housing Guide and we will be able to suggest care options based upon your individual situation.

Although moving to a care facility is often the only practical solution, many prefer to age at home for as long as possible. Our Home Care section is devoted entirely to understanding the advantages and limitations of this popular option.