Home Health Care Bethesda, MD 20814

Home Health Care in Bethesda, MD can be categorized as either non-medical (home care) or Medicare certified (home health). Non-medical home care includes personal care and help with everyday activites, while Medicare certified home health care ranges fom skilled nursing to physical / occupational therapy. Choose a tab below to compare home care agencies in Bethesda, MD. Feel free to contact agencies by phone, or request a follow up. Caregivers and health care professionals in Bethesda, MD will work together to establish the best plan of care for your loved one.
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Bethesda, MD ( 6 miles)

Lifematters is the premier home care company in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with a reputation for being the best-of-the-best. Over the past decade, the award-winning organization has become the first choice in home care...

Truevine Home Healthcare, LLC
Bethesda, MD ( 6 miles)

Truevine Home Healthcare LLC is specialized in skilled nursing and aides as well as personal and companion care for seniors. We provide excellent and affordable in-home care to individuals and families of the Metro Area in Maryland....

Synergy Homecare
Bethesda, MD ( 7 miles)

Synergy HomeCare is a provider of 1-1 caregivers. We provide caregivers who go into people’s homes and help them with the little things they can’t do for themselves, or things that are difficult to do on their own. The...

Star Medical Staffing LLC
Bethesda, MD ( 9 miles)

Star Medical In-Home Healthcare & Concierge Services -- the agency that professionals use for their own family.  Star Medical is “unique … because of the high-level of service we provide as...

Nurses On Call
Bethesda, MD ( 10 miles)

Trust, Dependability, Rock Solid Integrity Nurses on Call was founded in 2002 by a professional Nurse as a solution to the dilemma of finding affordable, quality home-care. We are one of the leading home care, hospice and medical...

Nunec Home Healthcare Services, LLC
Bethesda, MD (11 miles)

Licensed by Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene(MDHMH) as RSA. Our mission is to provide residential healthcare support and services that are safe , exceptional and reliable, skilled and certified care necessary to promote/restor...

Henik Technologies - Home Health Care Services
Bethesda, MD (11 miles)

Our Mission : We are committed to providing high quality, client-centered and affordable Home Health Care services to out clients to assist them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes....

Complete Care Solutions
Bethesda, MD (11 miles)

Complete Care Solutions is committed to be the premier provider of quality home care services that meet and exceeds the needs of our clients. We strive to be recognized for treating customers with dignity, courtesy and respect, providing...

Abik Healthcare Services, Inc.
Bethesda, MD (12 miles)

ABIK Healthcare Services, is accredited by the Joint Commission to provide Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aide, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Speech Therapy services to elderly, sick and physically challenged individuals...

Medstar Vna Care Partners
Bethesda, MD (13 miles)

MedStar VNA Care Partners provides the extra care and support that people may need to continue living safely and comfortably at home. We offer personal care services to seniors and adults living with disabilities, injuries or chronic...

Assurance Health Care, Inc.
Bethesda, MD (13 miles)

Serving all of Maryland and Washington DC. Assurance Health Care, a residential service agency that is founded and operated by skilled nurses. We believe in treating our clients with respect and dignity in a professional manner. Our...

Victory Home Health Care
Bethesda, MD (14 miles)

Victory Home Health Care is a leading provider of Home Care services for the elderly, pediatrics and individuals with disabilities. Our services are designed to; ensure continuity of care in the comforting surroundings of the Clients...

Great Expectations Home Health Care Nursing Agency
Bethesda, MD (14 miles)

We are licensed by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Our mission evolves around the principals of assistance with independent living and assisting individuals with remaining in their home environment...

Housen Homecare, Inc.
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

Finding the homecare professional to care for a family member is very important for both your loved one and for you! Tha is why Housen Homecare has worked hard to build and maintain a Residential Service Agency (RSA) that places your...

Jemisun Healthcare Services Inc
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

JemiSun Healthcare Services Inc is a nurse staffing agency providing affordable quality care to our clients with compassion, integrity and respect. We provide Skilled care-medication management, Wound care, Colostomy care, Tracheostomy...

Assured Homecare Services
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

Assured Homecare Services is a homecare agency serving Maryland, we believe in providing professional and caring services that allow individuals to remain in the comfort of their own home with the assistance of a professional caregiver...

Careone Healthcare Services LLC
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

Careone Healthcare is licensed  in the  State of  Maryland , DHMH, and Aging to provide medical and nonmedical to our community. we provide companion, and personal care by RN/LPN Aide to the eldely, sick,...

Optimal Homecare Services Inc
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

We are currently offering four hours free services for individuals in Prince Georges, Montgomery, Baltimore city , Baltimore and surround areas.Call us now 240-245-0366. Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable...

Novena Homecare Services
Bethesda, MD (15 miles)

At Novena Homecare Services, we offer customized care for health requirements of patients at home. We believe even if patients are home-bound, he or she should not be exempt from the privilege of receiving quality care at home. When...

Caring In Home Nurses
Bethesda, MD (17 miles)

Caring In Home Nurses is quick to respond to your request and need for nursing assistance in your home providing you with qualified and experienced nurses who do what they do because they genuinely love caring for others who need...

Niflo Home Healthcare
Bethesda, MD (17 miles)

NIFLO home healthcare is a medical and non-medical home healthcare agency, owned and operated by a Registered Nurse with many years of experience. Niflo home healthcare is licensed by the state of Maryland, bonded, and insure...

On Time Home Health Services,Llc
Bethesda, MD (19 miles)

Mission To become a provider and employer of choice in the DC metro region. To promote health and wellness through education, direct care services, community involvement and to increase awareness of health related issues to our clients...

Vitalis Healthcare Services
Bethesda, MD (22 miles)

Vitalis Healthcare is a residential healthcare services agency (RSA) licensed and certified by the state of Maryland. We are not your regular kind of healtcare service company. At Vitalis Healthcare, we are committed to providing...

First Care Nursing Services
Bethesda, MD (28 miles)

First Care Nursing Services Inc was founded to serve as an alternative to nursing home care and assisted living facilities for seniors. First Care Nursing Services Inc is a licensed, insured, and bonded home care company providing...

Edvin Home Health Care Solutions LLC
Bethesda, MD (31 miles)

We provide ultimate therapeutic care 24/7 for our clients. We give care by well trained personnel in our client homes to improve quality of life, tailoring our care according to individual needs....

Friendly Best Home Care Agency
Bethesda, MD (37 miles)

Friendly Best Home Care, is licensed by the State of Maryland. License Number.- R3540. Our services include Skilled Nursing and Personal Care.Our Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants are certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing....

Reliant Home Health Inc
Bethesda, MD (44 miles)

Reliant Home Health, Inc. is a Residential Service Agency licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality, License Number: R3113. It is dedicated to providing high quality compassionate...

Good Morning Home Care
Bethesda, MD (51 miles)

Good Morning Home Care is a 24/7 home care service located in Baltimore, Maryland serving the Greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area. Established solely to promote and enhance the quality of life for our clients and their...

10605 concord street, suite 309
kensington, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217154
Medicare Certified: 2005

6001 montrose road 301
rockville, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217084
Medicare Certified: 1984

2275 research boulevard, suite 553
rockville, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217160
Medicare Certified: 2010

12041 bournefield waysuite b
silver spring, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217032
Medicare Certified: 1974

2141 industrial parway, suite 201
silver spring, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217163
Medicare Certified: 2010

11800 tech road - suite #240
silver spring, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217030
Medicare Certified: 1968

845m quince orchard boulevard
gaithersburg, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217159
Medicare Certified: 2009

4061 powder mill road suite 500
beltsville, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217150
Medicare Certified: 2002

352a christopher avenue
gaithersburg, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217158
Medicare Certified: 2009

10905 fort washington road
fort washington, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217152
Medicare Certified: 2003

9700 patuxent woods drive, suite 131
columbia, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217071
Medicare Certified: 1983

1401 mercantile lane suite 351
largo, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217149
Medicare Certified: 2000

1101 mercantile lane, suite 292
upper marlboro, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217047
Medicare Certified: 1980

7008 security blvd
baltimore, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217008
Medicare Certified: 1966

10999 red run blvd, suite 100
owings mills, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217121
Medicare Certified: 1986

1446 w patrick street, suites 15, 16, & 17
frederick, MD 20814
Provider Number: 217040
Medicare Certified: 1979

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