General Info

Number of Beds: 99
Number of Residents: 64
Beds Available: 35
Percent Occupancy: 65%
Accepts: Medicare & Medicaid
Councils: Resident
For profit - Corporation
Within Hospital: NO

Nursing Home Inspector


7726 US HWY. 165
County: Caldwell
318-649-9800 Provider: 195265
Last Inspection On File: 07/18/2013

Inspection Deficiencies

Deficiency Ratings* By Region

Inspection Deficiencies

Deficiency Ratings* By Inspection Cycle

Resident Condition

Residents With Specified Conditions

Nursing Home Staffing

Total Staffing Hours per Day per Resident

* The numbers above represent the total DEFICIENCY RATINGS as described below NOT the number of deficiencies reported. Be sure to examine the full descriptions provided under the Detailed Report.

Deficiency Rating = Scope + Level of Harm. Total Deficiencies are the Sum of Deficiency Ratings for all deficiencies reported and reflect how Serious, Widespread, and Frequent the infractions were.