About State Inspection Deficiencies

Nursing Homes that are Medicare and/or Medicaid certified are licensed by the state in which they operate and are required to comply with rigid standards enforced by regular facility inspections and extensive evaluations.

The state inspection deficiencies provided here are accounts reported by state inspectors of every discrepancy found where the home failed to meet the minimum standards set forth by state and federal regulations. If a home does not show any deficiencies, it has met the minimum standards required.

Be sure to examine the full descriptions provided under the Detailed Report. Some deficiencies may be more critical than others based upon the type or category. For example, a Administrative deficiencies may be less important to you than Mistreatment or Quality of Care deficiencies.

State inspection details provide useful information that can help you compare nursing homes in your area and decide what types of questions you may want to ask when you visit the nursing home.

NOTE: Every attempt is made to assure that the most recent survey results are available on this website. Surveys are generally conducted every 9-15 months however all homes are not inspected each year. Since we update our database monthly, the data presented should be the most recent on 99% of the 73,000+ inspections included.