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The three ranking criteria described below show how each facility compares to other facilities within the state.

The rankings compare the most recent inspection data for each facility. Results sorted by a ranking criteria are always listed in order with the "best" scores first.

Higher Scores (more symbols) in this Column are Better

Above Average
Below Averge
Very Low
No Data  

These rankings are an excellent tool for quick comparisons between a number of facilities within a given area such as a state, county, city or zip code. You should examine the detailed report for each facility to get the best picture possible from the data available.

Deficiency Score (Inspection Deficiencies)
The total of all Severity Ratings reported during the most recent state inspection. Severity Ratings account for the Scope, Level of Harm and Frequency of all deficiencies found.

Staffing Score (Care Staff Hours)
The total number of trained staff on-hand per day per resident. Each facility reports the average number of hours worked per day by RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs. The total is then divided into the total number of residents resulting in the average number of trained medical staff hours per day per resident.

Resident Score (Resident Condition)
The percentage of all residents that:

  • Are Bedfast
  • Have Behavioral Symptoms
  • Have Bowel & Bladder Incontinence
  • Have Physical Restraints
  • Have Pressure (Bed) Sores
  • Are Very Dependent In Eating
  • Are Experiencing Unplanned Weight Gain or Loss
  • Have Restricted Joint Motion

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