Nursing Homes / Skilled Care Facilities by State

Directory Listings, Ratings, Rankings, Survey Inspection Reports

Finding the best nursing home care available in your area can be difficult at best. On-Site inspections conducted by official state health care professionals to assess compliance with federal standards of care represents the best source of reliable information for this purpose.

These inspections are technical in nature and difficult to interpret. Nursing Home InspectorTM helps you make sense of this complicated data. It is the most thorough yet intuitive research tool available. We are confident it can reduce your task considerably. The quality of care provided by different homes varies significantly. Know the facts before making your decision.

Below is a summary of the Medicare / Medicaid certified nursing homes contained in our database for each state.

Nursing HomesState Name
227 Alabama (AL)
18 Alaska (AK)
146 Arizona (AZ)
228 Arkansas (AR)
1208 California (CA)
217 Colorado (CO)
228 Connecticut (CT)
45 Delaware (DE)
19 District of Columbia (DC)
689 Florida (FL)
358 Georgia (GA)
1 Guam (GU)
47 Hawaii (HI)
78 Idaho (ID)
749 Illinois (IL)
541 Indiana (IN)
441 Iowa (IA)
345 Kansas (KS)
289 Kentucky (KY)
279 Louisiana (LA)
103 Maine (ME)
228 Maryland (MD)
413 Massachusetts (MA)
445 Michigan (MI)
378 Minnesota (MN)
204 Mississippi (MS)
513 Missouri (MO)
Nursing HomesState Name
80 Montana (MT)
216 Nebraska (NE)
54 Nevada (NV)
76 New Hampshire (NH)
365 New Jersey (NJ)
74 New Mexico (NM)
626 New York (NY)
423 North Carolina (NC)
80 North Dakota (ND)
962 Ohio (OH)
305 Oklahoma (OK)
137 Oregon (OR)
699 Pennsylvania (PA)
5 Puerto Rico (PR)
84 Rhode Island (RI)
188 South Carolina (SC)
111 South Dakota (SD)
318 Tennessee (TN)
1219 Texas (TX)
100 Utah (UT)
37 Vermont (VT)
1 Virgin Islands (VI)
287 Virginia (VA)
220 Washington (WA)
126 West Virginia (WV)
388 Wisconsin (WI)
38 Wyoming (WY)