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HomeCare Plus (affiliated to Lambert Worldwide Services, LLC) provides a variety of health care services as well as transportation services to get you wherever you need to go at whatever time on any day (holidays included). As far as home care is concerned, we are a privileged guest in our clients lives, we take the time to listen, learning about their lives, families and medical histories. As a somewhat holistic approach, we go beyond the textbook diagnosis and treatments, to do the things that matter to them most – we can tend to their personal needs, in additional to treating their medical ones, helping return them and their families to the life and “home” they love. Our staff delivers the appropriate high quality home care and treats each patient with genuine compassion, kindness and respect. We have highly skilled healthcare professionals that can provide the type of continuity of care expected at optimal levels which entails; day to day per diem staffing and short term or long term contracts. We also accommodate with traveling nurses, respiratory therapists and surgical technologists. Are services are, but not limited to:

•Senior care

•Pediatric nursing

•IV therapy

•Physical, occupational and speech therapy


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