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Paying for Senior Care

Lookup Medicare Coverage and Copay

Medicare Coverage and Copay

Determine whether or not your test, medical supply, or service is covered by Medicare. Learn about the conditions that must be met for some services or supplies to be covered, along with how often they are covered. Determine how much you pay.

Medicare Coverage

Learn About Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Research shows that at least 70 percent of people over 65 will need long term care services in the home and other settings including nursing homes and assisted living at some point in their lifetime. Long term care insurance is something to consider.

Long Term Care Insurance

Considering Cost

Will Medicare Pay for In-Home Care
Will Medicare Pay for In-Home Care?

Families are often surprised if not dumbfounded to learn that Medicare does not pay for most in-home care for their elderly parents. Medicare will not reimburse in-home caregivers to assist aging loved ones with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal care, meal preparation, transportation, medication reminders and housekeeping.

Cost Comparison
What Does Home Care Cost in Comparison to Assisted Living?

Prioritizing caregiver hours in terms of duration and frequency allows for home care costs to be more comparable with assisted living or even less. Combining adult daycare with home care services is another strategy to reduce home care costs and keep more in line with monthly assisted living rates.

Affording Home Care
How to Afford Private Home Care for Elderly

Non-skilled home care, for example bathing and meal preparation, is typically paid for out of pocket. There are 6 ways to reduce the cost and make home care affordable. The bottom line is, private home care is preferred by loved ones, so it's worth investigating how you can afford this option.

Cutting Costs of Assisted Living
10 Ideas to Cut Costs of Assisted Living

Use these questions to help you choose a facility that is both affordable and satisfies your top priorities. Compromising on location, proximity to conveniences, or overall extravagance of the facility may be just what it takes to make assisted living an affordable option.

Get Paid Family Caregiver
5 Potential Ways to Get Paid as a Family Caregiver

Some states offer limited programs to pay family caregivers. Be advised that if a program exists, the wages may be inadequate and there may be strict income eligibility requirements. I recommend answering the following questions to explore programs that your elderly family member might be eligible for.