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Optimum Care Agency Above-Avg

Excellent website! Was browsing to find a company that I can network and purchase suplies from. I am starting a new home care business in the Caribbean. Much to my delight you offered a one stop shop by offering advice,relevant information and supplies. Thank you.

Ursula Parker Excellent

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for providing this wonderful Web site. I am experiencing problems with my dad's current nursing facility, and did not want to move him into one with even more problems. Your Nursing Home Inspector tool provided the information that I needed...I was surprised at the results of a facility under consideration. Our Attorney General's office said there were no ratings systems available, but this is what I actually wanted: results of state inspections in a readable format that I could use for comparisons. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! P.S.--I also plan to take advantage of your wealth of articles and resources provided!

Janet Gee Excellent

I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service. My order arrived this morning in time for me to prepare mom for the day. These are I believe the same type of dressing that I used years ago with a client that had bed sores. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to get on top of this situation so quickly because of your company's excellent customer service. Thank you so much. Janet G

PATTY FOTI Excellent


George Bond Excellent


I just finished my search for a nursing home in Iredell County N.C. for a cousin who wants to be nearer family and who asked me to help him select a good placement. I am now retired but in an earlier part of my career path I was a licensed nursing home administrator so my cousin thought my advice would be helpful. It's one thing to recommend a place to a casual acquaintance but quite another to effectively respond to a relative who is asking for help.

I did a quick Google search and found your web site and I have to tell you that I am 150% satisfied. I knew I could round up some of the information on line that I needed for my research but never in my wildest imagination did I expect to find a website that put everything right there at my fingertips. Instead of a whole day's work, I spent about an hour and easily came up with the two top facilities in the community and will now work to get my family member admitted. You made my day and more importantly, I now can make a solid recommendation to my cousin based on factual information that compared apples to apples across the nursing home spectrum in the Statesville community. My hat is off to you for the valuable service you are now providing to families often in crisis trying to make a fast but terribly important decision on behalf of a loved one. As we say in western N.C., "you done good!"

George Bond

florella broyles Excellent

i cant believe that i got the bedrails this morning. i just ordered them yesterday. they are also nice and sturdy. thank you. thank you! florella

Item: STD8000-EA

Patty C Excellent

I ordered a few items in the afternoon of June 10th. I had the items at my door at 9:30am on June 11th. That's customer service. Not only that, your web site has so much valuable information for just about everything people need for senior care. Thank You!

Martin Gendron Excellent

Yesterday I received my Bariatric Rollator. I am very pleased with the chair and extra pleased with the short turn around time for delivery.

Thanks for your help,

Martin Gendron

Ralph E Opipari Excellent

Dear Sir, Just wanted to say thanks for calling and providing the shipping information. Worked out just right as it was delivered today, thanks for the fast service. Thanks, Ralph

Ilannet Parisca Excellent

Excellent service and unbeatable prices!! My order arrived the next day.

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