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Home Health Care in Paris, TN can be categorized as either non-medical (home care) or Medicare certified (home health). Non-medical home care includes personal care and help with everyday activites, while Medicare certified home health care ranges fom skilled nursing to physical / occupational therapy. Choose a tab below to compare home care agencies in Paris, TN. Feel free to contact agencies by phone, or request a follow up. Caregivers and health care professionals in Paris, TN will work together to establish the best plan of care for your loved one.

311 east wood street
paris, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447499
Medicare Certified: 1985

631 rb wilson dr
huntingdon, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447444
Medicare Certified: 1984

Not Available

279 west main street
camden, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447207
Medicare Certified: 1983

Not Available

135 kennedy drive
martin, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447225
Medicare Certified: 1983

14091 south first street
milan, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447152
Medicare Certified: 1977

Not Available

185 boswell street
lexington, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447252
Medicare Certified: 1984

Not Available

2448 eastend drive
humboldt, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447557
Medicare Certified: 2000

8 stonebridge blvd suite l
jackson, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447278
Medicare Certified: 1984

Not Available

250 north parkway, suite 30 jackson
jackson, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447284
Medicare Certified: 1984

Not Available

37 sandstone circle, suite 201
jackson, TN 38242

Provider Number: 447568
Medicare Certified: 2005

Not Available

Cost of Home Care

Paris, TN
Home Health Aide
20 Hours Per Week
Home Health Aide
40 Hours Per Week

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