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Clare CEO and Casey CTO
Casey (CTO) and Clare (CEO)

CarePathways.com was launched in 1999 by a dedicated husband and wife entrepreneurial team, Clare and Jeff Absher. Its conception originated as a result of Clare’s extensive nursing background along with Jeff’s exceptional computer expertise. Having spent many years happily married enabled the transition to a professional partnership surprisingly easy and exciting.

We are guided on this journey by listening carefully to the voices of family caregivers across the country. We find that families are desperate for guidance and help in finding care for their elderly parents, loved ones, and disabled relatives. We understand the need for access to caregiving tools, directories, and guides along with seeking basic practical knowledge. Casey Forbes has proven to be an outstanding asset to our family-owned business by creatively developing practical online resources.  She was unexpectantly called upon to fill some very big shoes, which she willingly did, after the very sad loss of our co-founder Jeff Absher in 2011.

We are most proud of the unforeseen evolution that CarePathways.com has embarked upon. Although our mission to help families find quality care has never changed, our approach has diversified. While we once focused on researching and compiling long-term care data, we now concentrate our efforts on helping families find quality home care for their loved ones. Up-to-date research and data resources can still be found across CarePathways.com as we believe knowledge is key when caring for our aging loved ones.

Aging in place in the comfort of one’s home is undeniably preferred by most of our aging parents. CarePathways.com is a strong advocate and reliable resource for honoring our elderly parents’ preferences. We offer support at a time when families are confused and anxious, by supplying them with sound answers and solid direction.

CarePathways.com is a liaison between home care agencies and families searching for care. We match the most suitable caregivers with families seeking care for their loved ones. Nurse Clare works with approved agencies to help them find and utilize the best practices possible to serve their clients, while also addressing the varied needs of families.

Articles written by Nurse Clare range from “Sharing Family Caregiving Duties” and “Taking Elderly Parents on Vacation” to “Finding Free Respite Care” and “Getting Paid to Be a Family Caregiver”. She eagerly taps into her 40 plus years of nursing experience to offer useful caregiving tips and strategies. Early on in her career Clare discovered a passion for caring for elderly folks and teaching family caregivers as a home health nurse. Clare’s passion, experience, and wide range of knowledge are evident in her writing as she makes home care education and tips practical and accessible to all readers.

Our Senior Lifestyle articles are a joint effort by Nurse Clare and our research team, led by Leah Felderman. The articles are entertaining, informative, and cover a vast array of diverse topics. We very fondly and proudly recognize Leah and the research team’s contribution to the enrichment of our website visitors.

Our E-store with home healthcare supplies is yet another example of the evolution at CarePathways.com. Our family caregivers request certain supplies to help them care for their loved ones at home and we are proud to be able to provide them. We are selective in which items we offer and make select products available in our E-store after researching quality and cost effectiveness. The E-store also has expert nurse’s notes available for products to help the caregiver and care recipient select and effectively use the best products for their needs.

Lastly, we would like to share that we are a small, family owned, co-partnership company currently managed by mother Clare Absher and daughter Casey Forbes. Being hands-on keeps us in the know about what our website visitors, in particular family caregivers, want and need to help them on their caregiving journeys. We consider it a huge benefit to be a small venture and to be able to grow our business on our own, family-oriented terms. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read “About Us” and hope we prove deserving of your support.


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