5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Hard-To-Please Senior

By Clare Absher RN BSN  

  Need help finding care?

  Need help finding care?

Sensible and affordable gift ideas recommended by our elder care nurses. These mid-priced gifts are aimed at enhancing your senior's health, safety, independence, comfort, and emotional wellbeing.

Safety Security Pole with Grab Bar is an extremely versatile gift. Use this item strategically throughout the home where needed most by Mom or Dad. In the bathroom, the tension mounted pole and grab bar aides your loved one getting up and down from the commode and also safely transferring in and out of the shower/tub. When easily installed at the bedside, it assists your senior to safely get in and out of bed as well as assisting in repositioning. When placed next to their favorite chair, the security pole provides support getting up and down. Sturdy and cost effective, this gift facilitates your elderly parent's desire for an independent lifestyle. Although these security poles are easily moved to different locations around the house, consider gifting your elderly loved one multiples of this handy contrivance so they can install one at each needed location.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Shearling Slippers might be a bit of a stretch to be designated as a practical gift, but they are exceptionally functional. Make certain to get a hands-free, slip on version as this is essential for older folks not to have to bend over to put on their new favorite footwear! My mom received a pair this past Christmas and while initially hesitant on liking them, now finds that she can't live without them. She can't stop raving about the cozy warm fleece lining and durable sheepskin. The rubber sole is a top safety feature to ensure stability for your senior when walking around outside on the porch or to the mailbox. Your loved one's feet will equally find delight in both the comfort and functionality while wearing these slippers.

UGG Genuine Shearling Slipper

Overbed Tables are widely unknown and underutilized pieces of equipment that make exceptionally practical gifts for your older parents. These clever bedside tables are adjustable and portable, with wheels to easily relocate where needed. They serve as a desk, food tray, book and/or laptop holder, and personal care surface for brushing teeth and shaving-all from the comfort of bed! They can also be used as a portable TV tray on wheels when used beside your senior's favorite chair. Whether you choose a basic model or one with more whistles and bells, an overbed table is sure to please your folks with its multifunctional applications.

Invacare Auto Touch Overbed Table

Amazon Alexa and other similar devices are popular, innovative, hands-free devices that are controlled with your voice. They offer your senior enormous convenience with their many day-to-day activities such as switching on a lamp before getting out of bed or setting a timer to take medications. Furthermore, consider the safety benefit of calling anyone hands-free without having a phone handy in an emergency. As for fun, your senior can "Ask Alexa" to play a favorite movie or play an old song they have not heard in years. Simple assistance with everyday tasks, safety merit, and entertainment value all contribute to making this an ideal gift for your senior.

Echo Dot

Mattress Toppers make very thoughtful and practical gifts. Mattress toppers have been around for decades and have survived the test of time as a reliable comfort aide . Many older folks are very attached to their beds and are unwilling to change in spite of the age and extensive wear and tear on their mattress. Adding mattress toppers to older mattresses can rejuvenate them and consequently extend the life of the mattress another few years. Some toppers are made of basic eggcrate foam while other pads are constructed of more sophisticated memory foam or gel materials. Regardless of type, all mattress toppers serve as economical and clever solutions to enhance your senior's comfort by offering pressure relief and revitalizing existing mattresses.

Hermell Egg Crate Mattress Overlay


Clare Absher RN BSN

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