Your Home Care Agency Needs Clients... but How?

Try these 12 tips for seeking out new referral sources.

By Clare Absher RN, BSN  

The success of your home care agency depends on building your client base by seeking out new referral sources in your community. Healthy home care agencies understand the huge advantage of learning creative ideas to find families that are in need of your services. As owner, manager, or marketing representative of your home care agency, implement some of the following practical strategies to procure valuable client referrals.

12 sure-fire ways to get new home care clients:

1) Start volunteering at local health fairs, school fitness programs, blood drives, clothing donation centers, soup kitchens and other community sponsored charities. Communicate through ongoing volunteer efforts that compassion and trust are the foundation of your agency.

2) Speak at local senior centers, senior apartments, and retirement communities. Select interesting topics on healthy aging such as nutrition, exercise, sexuality, and memory enhancement.

3) Be a guest speaker at assisted living facilities, nursing or rehab facilities to meet residents that may be in need of additional personal and supportive care services not already provided.

4) Join local, state and national home care organizations and pursue accreditations that demonstrate your agency's commitment to quality care. Promote your achievements in the local media to build your reputation in the community.

5) Start a caregiver recognition program to identify employees who are exceptional and acknowledge their accomplishments with monthly caregiver awards posted in local newspapers.

6) Be diligent in promoting your home care services through networking with local doctors, healthcare insurance agents, pharmacists, and elder law attorneys in your community.

7) Engage members at local churches and caregiver support groups through participation in meetings as they may know others in need of your services.

8) Establish mutual beneficial relationships with your competitors by both agreeing to refer clients to one another when an agency is unable to provide requested services.

9) Partner with complementary businesses such as rehab centers, hospice agencies or a skilled home health agencies. Although a hospice or home health care agency may be providing a daily nurse or therapist visit there is often a gap in personal care and other support services.

10) Meet with discharge planners at local hospitals and nursing homes to educate them about your agency's non-medical services. Request that social workers keep your agency on file as a referral source when skilled care agencies are not appropriate.

11) Word of mouth as always is the best referral source in your community. Encourage your current and former clients and caregivers to tell others about the quality services your agency offers.

12) Lastly realize that many families are separated by distance and often turn to the Internet to research home care services. Families seeking caregivers rely on online referrals to help find home care agencies in their loved one's area. List your home care agency in our directories at to allow our nurses the opportunity to provide qualified and exclusive client referrals.

Clare Absher RN BSN

About the Author

Clare Absher is a Registered Nurse with 44 years of experience. Most of her experience is in home health serving as a caregiver, educator, patient advocate, and liaison between families and community resources. She has also worked in acute care, assisted living, and retirement settings. She is passionate about helping families care for their elderly loved ones at home.

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