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One-stop shopping for eldercare products and information. Don't know quite what you're looking for? This site was put together by a group of experienced RNs who act as guides. Medical and prescription drug dictionaries are packed with helpful definitions and illustrations. The Ask Clare, Ask Jennifer, and Ask Ed sections allow you to post questions to experts regarding long-term care, nursing home care and long-term care insurance, from how to deal with bed sores to under which circumstances Medicare will pay for an oxygen concentrator. The Nursing Home Inspector is a fully searchable database of state inspections for more than 44,000 facilities nationwide--but it will cost you $19.95 for a week of access, or $8.95 for a report on an individual facility. Still, there's plenty of information here available for free, and the items they charge for seem worth the price.

BEST: Care Pilot E-store, where you can read about and purchase personal care, safety and comfort products road-tested by nurses. Carries everything from a daily organizer for diabetic supplies to raised toilet seats.

WORST: Jam-packed pages may be overwhelming or confusing to some.

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