Nurses Notes

Briggs DMI Deluxe Sock Aid:

Many elderly persons struggle everyday to put their socks on when bending over is too difficult. Reaching feet due to poor flexibility and instability due to poor balance further complicates the simple task of getting stockings on. Help your loved ones maintain as much independence as possible with dressing by encouraing them to use this simple sock aid.

BSN Jobst Stocking Donner:

Applying compression stockings can be a super challenging task, but is a necessary evil to help maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort / swelling.  Nurses will tell you how difficult it can be to apply them on their patients, so just imagine elderly folks struggling to do this alone. A sensible device such as this stocking donner can make this everyday task much easier.

Cardinal Health Post Op Hip Kit:

No worries and no guessing. That’s right a survival kit already compiled with essential supplies for a speedy recovery. A Sock Aid, Reacher, Shoe Horn, Bath Sponge, and Shoe Laces will definitely be very handy following hip surgery. And for that matter this valuable kit is practical for anyone who has limited mobility. Help your Mom or Dad regain their independence with these useful devices.

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