Nurses Notes

Pelstar Dial Display Mechanical Floor Scale:
Designed for home of professional use. If you are having trouble reading your floor scale you are not alone. This waist-high model solves this problem. It is a very sturdy and dependable scale for weight monitoring. Carrying handle makes it ideal for visiting nurses. TIP: Weigh at the same time of day using the same scale. When fluid retention is a concern, monitor wt closely noting increases of 1-2 lbs and greater within 24hr period.

Pelstar Physicians Mechanical Beam Scale:
This is a physician's type of balance beam scale that will allow accurate weight monitoring for home or professional use.

Pelstar Remote Display Digital Floor Scale:
Designed for home or professional use when very precise measurments are needed. Popular design due to ease of reading display on a tabletop or other eye level surface.

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