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The primary navigation menu is located horizontally across the top of all pages. It displays the Primary Sections which may be selected with a click. Hovering your mouse pointer over any section will show a drop-down menu of Secondary Topics relevant to the Primary Section.

A secondary menu system is located vertically along the left side in all categories. It shows a more complete list of the Secondary Topics or sub-sections within the Primary Section (ie: eStore). This is necessary since the horizontal menu system may not display properly in all browsers.

Links within both menus do not display underlines. This purely for aesthetic purposes. Normal links with underlines are provided within the pages themselves as relevant.

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Our nurses have compiled a collection of select personal and health care, safety, and comfort products available for convenient purchase online.

Payment Options, Site Security, Our Guarantee, Shipping Details, Back Orders, Returns Policy and other topics are described on our Terms & Conditions page.

We currently offer over 2,000 different products which are organized by Category and Sub-Category. Primary categories are listed in the left-side vertical menu under Shopping. For a complete list of all Primary and Sub Categories look at our Complete Catalog.

With so many products, it is often difficult to categorize all items into a simple menu system. We have designed our own catalog system and purposefully limited the number of categories to simplify the menus. This process is often very difficult but we feel we have organized a better system than most.

Many begin by selecting a product category from the left-side menu, or by typing key words into the search box (located at the top of all Shopping pages). If your search does not return any results, don't be discouraged, try a simpler phrase of just one key word and try again.

Add an item to your shopping cart by typing-in the number required into the Qty box and clicking the button next to each product. Add an item to you Favorites by clicking the link located at the top-left of each page. To view your shopping cart, click the button located near the top-right on any shopping page.

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General information about nursing homes, state inspections and memberships may be found on the Nursing Home InspectorTM Home Page

For more specific answers, try the Frequently Asks Questions page.

For help with understanding our ratings and reports, try Ranking Page Help

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There are several advertising options available on CarePathways. We suggest starting with reading our Advertising Options page. If you are interested in a marketing strategy not addressed there, please email our Advertising Department or call us toll-free at 877-521-9987 Ext-3.

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For help with all other topics, please use our Contact Form to email the appropriate department. Emails are generally replied to within a few minutes during normal business hours (9a-3p M-F).