Nurses Notes

Healthcraft Smart Rail Swing Out Bed Assist Rail:

Reduce injury risk and facilitating independence by providing solid support at the bedside. Doubles as a bed saefety rail and stand up assist device.

Mobility Transfer Systems Freedom Grip Bed Rail:
Sturdy and economical bed handle useful for transfers and help moving around in bed for those with limited strength.

Mobility Transfer Systems Freedom Grip Plus Bed Rail:
Thicker mattresses require this type of design in a bed rail. In addition to transfer assistance, the bed handle serves as a reminder of where the edge of the bed is, helps to turn over and move in bed.

Mobility Transfer Systems Small Bed Assist Rail:
Bedrails are likely to be surprisingly missed if your loved one has been discharged from a hospital setting to home. This more portable device for homebeds serves the same basic purpose as those made for hospital beds. They help persons to move about in bed and assist with sitting, standing and balancing once upright. They are also invaluable for caregivers as they reduce back strain caused by pulling and lifting their loved ones.

Stander Bed Cane Assist With Pouch:
This is another product that offers the help that many need with the task of sitting up in bed and also adjusts in height to fit your mattress thickness and personal needs.

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