Nurses Notes

Stander Bed Cane Assist With Pouch:
This is another product that offers the help that many need with the task of sitting up in bed and also adjusts in height to fit your mattress thickness and personal needs.

Stander Bed Rail Advantage With Pouch:

This model is one of the easiest to install and only takes a few minutes making it super portable and convenient for traveling too. It really does just pop out of the box ready to go. It offers a helping hand to sit up and get out of bed safely.  Elderly folks often welcome this assistance especially in the monning when they are stiff and sore. It also gives support when getting into bed and preparing to retire for the night. The pouch is an added bonus to store your belongings and have them at arms length. It's not recommended to keep individuals from falling out of the bed. However it's not bulky and takes up little space so as not to be in the way either.

Stander Couch Cane Support Handle With Pouch:
A great help for those with limited strength that allows for standing up from sitting position much easier with alot less effort.

Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail With Pouch:
This product offers both important functions of helping with the difficult task of getting out of bed as well as protecting from falling out of bed in order to provide greater independence and mobility.

Stander Safety Bed Rail:
New sensible product that with a simple design that allows for safety but at same time by pivoting down out of way it makes getting in and out of bed much easier.

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