Nurses Notes

Carex Dual Level Bathtub Rail:

Getting out of the tub safely is of highest priority for our loved ones who are weak or unsteady. Adding grab bars is a simple solution to modify your bathroom giving them the spport they need.

Carex White Bathtub Rail:
We have always heard that most home accidents occur in the bathroom... well it's true. Getting out of the tub safely is about impossible for most who are weak or unsteady without having something to hold on to. Using grab bars is a simple solution.

PMI Chrome Knurled Grab Bar:
Helping our loved ones to get out of the tub safely is a highest priority and allows for their ongoing independence as well. Using grab bars to modify your bathroom is a simple sensible solution.

Stander Curve Pivoting Grab Bar:
A new innovative means of modifying your current bathroom into a safe place for your weaker and frail loved ones to move about. Allows for more independence by giving our loved ones extra help with standing or transferring safely.

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