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Nurses Notes

Carex Compact Adjustable Round Shower Stool:
Many homes do not come equipped with a walk-in shower or your loved ones do not have access to it. When this situation arises, I usually advise families to get a shower seat which allows for safe and comfortable bathing in tubs or shower stalls. These seats are made not to slip and allow your loved ones to take their time bathing. Also consider investing in a raised toilet seat or commode frame for the same bathroom safety reasons and to allow more independence. TIP: Recommend getting hand held shower to reduce water leakage and add to comfort. If your budget permits be sure to buy the seat with the back as it is alot more comfortable according to many patients.

Carex Portable Bathtub and Shower Bench:

Portable tub bench is your solution when space is limited.  This product offers an answer to seating in the tub in place of a free-standing shower/tub seat or transfer bench. It is less intrusive and takes up minimal space. It fits most tubs and is safe and comfortable for your loved ones who are weak or frail. Enforce safety for Mom or Dad because falling in the tub is not an option. A small investment to protect your elderly parents in the bathroom and allow more independence.

Jobar 360 Swivel Compact Shower Stool:

Sit down for safety. Rotate around a full 360 degrees while seated in the shower or tub to make bathing a breeze.  Avoid high risks of falls in bathroom especially when your older loved ones have compromised balance, strength, or mobility. This model is exceptionally compact making it an easy fit in most shower or tubs.  Employ this sensible stool to simplify bathing, avoid accidents, and at the same time boost your Mom and Dad’s independence in their home.

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