Transfer Aids


Nurses Notes

MTS SafetySure Non Slip Pivot Disc:
General Instructions: Place Disc on a non-skid type floor (as in carpeting) with the label facing downwards. The patient's feet are positioned completely on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both patient and helper. The handle of the Disc should be placed facing the patient, to prevent interfering with the feet of the helper. The helper should place one of his/her feet on the disc to safely monitor and control the transfer. After using the disc it should be removed from the floor to avoid accidents.

MTS SafetySure Transfer Gait Belt:

It’s a win-win for you and your loved one. Protect your back from injury and at the same time give your loved one a sense of security when transferring or walking with them. It’s no secret that nurses and physical therapists have relied on gait belts to move their patients about for years. In-home family caregivers can equally depend on them as to move weak or frail loved ones safely around the house. This simple and inexpensive device should always be kept on hand to prevent falls. 

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