Bladder Control Pads


Nurses Notes

Prevail Pads for Light to Moderate Protection:
These pads are designed specifically for urinary incontinence. Use these pads alone or in conjunction with briefs or pullups for maximum protection

Tena Comfort Pants Extended Use Insert Pads for Moderate Protection:
The TENA Pad and Pant system is a two-piece incontinence management system featuring disposable pads in various absorbency levels and washable pants in two types (mesh / Knit) in various sizes. The pad and pant system addresses the specific needs of each individual. These pants and pads used together, promote independence and toileting and are most appropriate for active, ambulatory individuals.

Tena Discreet Pads for Light Protection:
Because everyone has different needs, the TENA range is available in various absorbencies and sizes. Tena has pads that are smaller than regular sanitary pads but provide greater protection for bladder weakness. The differences between using regular sanitary pads and Tena are that Tena pads (when used for bladder weakness) can feel wet, can lose shape, need to be changed more often and odors can develop Tena pads feel dry because of a special top layer, maintain its shape, needs to be changed less frequently and have odor fighting properties to help stop odors before they start

Tena Mens Pads for Light Protection:
Designed to better manage for male incontinence then other universal pads. Pads are meant to be placed in regular underwear.

Designed to better manage male incontinence then other universal pads. Pads are meant to be placed in regular underwear.

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