Disposable Washcloths


Nurses Notes

Convatec Aloe Vesta Disposable Cleansing Washcloths:
Your loved ones will enjoy these cloths warmed up. Heating instructions: Peel open label without completely removing it. Heat in microwave oven. Recommended heating time is 30 seconds, however, microwaves may vary. Do not overheat. Reseal label if not using immediately. Bathing cloth may also be used at room temperature.

Prevail Disposable Incontinence Care Washcloths:

Disposable washcloths are handy to have all over the house. Caregivers should keep them handy at the bedside for bathing and cleaning purposes. In the bathroom they are convenient for personal hygiene. In the kitchen these wipes are easy to use for washing up after meals. Keep an extra pack in your car for easy clean up of accidents. 

Sage Comfort Bath Disposable Cleansing Washcloths:

Maximize your loved one’s comfort. A simpler and gentle way to bathe Mom or Dad using these soft nourishing disposable wash cloths. Warm them up in resealable pouch for an extra treat. Mom or Dad will be grateful to feel clean and refreshed and you will be grateful for less laundry. Soothing to skin and no fuss removing soap residue. Free up caregiving time to share in other special activities with yoour loved ones.

Sage Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Disposable Cleansing Washcloths:
Many family caregivers rave about these washcloths. In case you are wondering the perineal area or perineum refers to the area from bottom to genital region. The skin barrier these cloths are moistened with is easy to wash off when cleaning up unlike some of the zinc oxide or petroleum based barriers. Be sure to warm up them up in microwave as this extra TLC will be appreciated.

Tena Multi Purpose Dry Disposable Washcloths:
Not intended to use as a skin care product but rather for general cleaning purposes such as those related to spills, cleaning rooms, and equipment.

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