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Abena Essentials Washable Chair Pad:

Chair pads are extremely practical to keep handy. Whether your loved one has incontinence or even mild leakage, the pads will give protection that is needed. Strategically place one in a favorite chair, on a couch, car seat, or in a wheelchair for protection from all types of accidents. Be sure to have at least one to use and one to wash.

Cardinal Health Washable Chair Pad:

Accidents will happen and can be difficult to clean up on your upholstered couch or favorite leather chair These waterproof chair pads can be placed strategically all over the house on chairs and sofas where incontinence leakages are likely to occur. Your loved ones will inevitably feel more secure knowing that if an accident happens it wont cause fluid damage not to mention avoiding any embarrassment. They wash easily which makes it convenient to keep a fresh supply on hand. Order colors that blend with your decor so the pads will match and be be less noticeable. Make traveling simpler by taking a few along.for the trip. They are cost effective and some folks even use them for their senior pet accidents as well.

Cardinal Health Washable Wheelchair Pad:

A very cost effective and comfortable way to protect chairs while at home or when traveling.

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