Odor Eliminators


Nurses Notes

Coloplast Hex On Odor Eliminator:

Nurses have been using this convenient small bottle to knock out bad odors for years. Caregivers at home and their loved ones will appreciate the pleasant scent and elimination of obnoxious odors such as those associated with urine and feces.

Fresh Net Odor Eliminator:

Fresh scents are welcome in caregiving of your loved one because bad odors are disagreeable to all and even embarassing to some. Nurses discovered along time ago to keep this small bottle handy in a pocket for quick use when bad odors arise. 

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator:

The fresh clean scent is welcome to caregivers and their loved ones when bad odors present and need quick elimination. Caregivers should keep this economical 8 oz size as a back-up or to use it to refill your smaller bottle. Bad odors cause your loved ones' embarrasment and can be avoided by simply a spray or two of Rainfresh.

Sani Zone Odor Eliminator:

The large 8 oz size is more economical than the 2 oz.bottle. A simple tip might be buying both and refilling your small travel size bottle as needed. Eliminating obnoxious odors are all in a day's work for caregivers due to the need for relieving embarrassment on the part of your loved ones.

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