Washable Protective Underwear


Nurses Notes

Salk HealthDri Cotton Mens Underwear for Heavy Protection:

Re-usable, washable, and very absorbent for effective management of incontinence. Really looks and feel like the natural underware that men have worn all their lives, not just an adult version of a diaper. Basically think of them as giving the comfort of reusables with the absorbency of a disposables.

Salk HealthDri Cotton Womens Underwear for Heavy Protection:

It’s just like real under-ware but with special absorbency powers. Comfy, secure and cost effective. Avoid embarrassing accidents due to urinary leakage. Constructed of soft cotton material that offers the comfort of regular under-ware but with the absorbency of disposable products. Washable heavy protection under-ware is a cost-effective solution to sensibly manage incontinence. 

Tena Lightweight Comfort Pant for Use With Disposable Pad:

If you have minimal bladder leakage, these reusable pants are a great alternative to adult diapers. They help to secure an absorbent pad much better than normal underwear, giving you a sense of security. Another positive is the fact that they are thin, light, and breathable!

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