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Heavenly Helpers Home Care

Heavenly Helpers Home Care

23 N. Gore Avenue Ste.#309
Saint Louis, MO 63119

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About This Company:

Heavenly Helpers Home Care is a non medical agency that provides excellent caregivers to come out to the home (or facility) to assist with everyday tasks. Some examples? Bathing/dressing, keeping the house tidy, running errands, taking the client places such as doctor`s appointments, shopping, out to lunch, etc. We can prepare nutritious meals, grocery shop, wash hair and help with name it and we can help! One of the most fabulous things our caregivers offer is companionship and interaction. This is where we SHINE!! We do NOT ``babysit`` our clients. We do NOT plop down and watch TV or talk on the phone.

If you popped into one of our client`s homes when our caregiver was there what might you see? The caregiver painting her client`s nails or the caregiver helping his client do his exercise. Maybe the two playing cards at the table. You might catch them out the door on the way to a Dr`s apointment or lunch. If the client is ill or on Hospice you might find the caregiver sitting quietly with his client, probably holding his hand or reading to him.

Did you know we have clients in Assisted Living Facilities AND Nursing Homes? Why? In many cases these facilities cannot totally focus on a client like we can! We have client`s whose caregiver comes out to read or walk with them or even help them eat their lunch. Many families need our caregiver to be their loved one`s ``advocate`` in the nursing home. For example, the caregiver might send back dinner if it is cold or insist someone come quickly if the client is in pain. It can be SUCH peace of mind for the family to know when they can`t be there, we will make SURE that good care is being provided.

We want to emphasize that many of our clients are not ``elderly``. We have clients in their 40`s or 50`s who have MS or other degenerative diseases. We also have clients who have had knee or hip replacements and need us for a few weeks until they get back on their feet! We are flexible and customize our care. A client can stop service at anytime.

I will close with my most important advice: If you think a loved one may need some help down the road, don`t ignore the situation. It wont get better! Do your home work early. There is nothing sadder than to get a frantic call from someone on Friday afternoon whose mom is being discharged on Saturday and needs home care. The stress of trying to find the ``right`` care in such a short time is overwhelming. Start researching agencies NOW!

•One of the BEST tips I can give is to have a home care agency come out and do the Initial Assessment BEFORE service is needed! (we do not charge.) Then, when the time does come or if an emergency happens, won`t it feel great to make a call to a person whom you ALREADY know and trust? I have clients who waited months after the Assessment-we touched base every month or so until the time was right. It was a seamless process because we knew everyone and the situation at hand!



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